What Is ShareFile?


Designed by Citrix Systems, Sharefile is a secure file sharing program that enables businesses to store, synchronize, and share data files. The system has an intuitive interface that is easy to use. It allows users to send large files and track data and folders.

ShareFile supports the sending like this of secure e-signature files and offers a passcode lock. In addition, it offers an audit capability. The system can be included with other record storage devices. It’s easy to apply and it is available for desktop, mobile, and browser-based users.

ShareFile is definitely the perfect method for business file sharing. It offers protect cloud storage and on-premises storage area. ShareFile is made for teams, so it is a good choice for small and mid-sized businesses.

ShareFile offers many features, including the ability to develop workflows that support document-centric duties. It also provides an audit function to ensure that papers happen to be being exposed and utilized.

It is also possible to send protected emails from the cloud. This kind of feature is useful for mailing large data and is the best way to keep sensitive information out from the hands of malicious hackers.

ShareFile as well supports many different mobile devices, including Android tablets, Windows Handsets, and apple iphones. It also incorporates a mobile web-site, enabling users to access the files slightly.

It’s also possible to generate workflows that enable users to work together on a report. This feature is useful for the purpose of project supervision documents. ShareFile also offers electronic data rooms.